Throw away your chin rest and find out just how comfortable playing violin can beDiscover real playing comfort- never need a chin rest again. Violin Valet holds your instrument so your neck can relax. No need for fancy shoulder rests- any good quality shoulder rest works just fine with Violin Valet.Order your Violin Valet today and get comfortableSing, Play, Violin ValetComfort and style all in...
I am selling a 1984 Cremona FECIT ANNO DOMINI 4 string Violin with Case. Just in time for BACK TO SCHOOL. Cant call you without a phone number so leave me your phone number. Do not text or e-mail. Sorry. May take me a day or two to call, but I will call.
Beautiful instrument labelled
Emily offers quality instruction on violin and viola to students of all ages and ability levels.
Vintage, Royal Heavy Cast Aluminum Musical Instrument Set. Two piece set consists of a mandolin and violin. These were originally orange, but have been sprayed metallic gold with a metallic gold cord attached. They are perfect for hanging on stairway support posts, attaching to wreaths, or hanging directly on a wall with cords removed. Each instrument measures approximately 18 long and 6.5 wide...
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